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Monthly Archives: September 2019

Today, we are in the 21st century and it is very much the digital age. People expect to be able to go online and look at locations, products or services. They want to see products from every angle and see believable tours of locations before they buy  They don’t want to see half a dozen photos if they can watch a video of a holiday destination on the companies website YouTube channel.

A video is so much more believable than just words or even a still photograph. It provides much more detail. For instance, you can show a photo of your hotel front on your website, and perhaps a photo of the garden. With a video you can show the hotel front, then walk into reception, show the lounge, the restaurant, one or two of the bedrooms, and of course you can introduce members of your staff. This gives people a far better picture of what your hotel is about and how enjoyable it would be to spend their time with you. This is why more and more businesses are turning to corporate video production today.

We know that video sells because we are inundated with ads on the television. That costs a lot of money, but businesses do it because they get far better returns on investment than taking a half-page in a magazine. That magazine is going to get thrown away in a week, anyway, and if people have no interest in your product, they can simply turn the page. On television, it is a different matter because they have to sit and watch it before the program continues.

True they don’t have to watch a video on your website or YouTube, but video generates interest. People want to know what happens next: it sparks their curiosity because with corporate video production there is more to come.

At Slamm Productions we own a wide range of modern kit that helps us to shoot most videos with our own in house equipment. We even have our own drones with our highly experienced drone pilot BNUC qualified, fully insured and with permission to fly by the CAA, so we can produce aerial footage for you as well. At Slamm, we provide the complete package: you name it, we do it.